You are not the only one…

We all have our ups and downs in life but, some-days  it just hits you hard. During these days,you wonder if anything good will ever happen to you due to what you have been experiencing in life. I want to assure you that you are not the only one who goes through such things in life. Everybody has their own challenges in life. It does not matter whether they are rich or poor,famous or not.Yours will not be the same as the theirs but that does not mean yours can not be solved. As long as you have life,nothing is impossible. Depending on your religion, turn to your God and ask for his help. Yes,sometimes it seems as if God is not hearing your prayers and you begin to doubt him. Before you start,examine yourself if you have been faithful for him.Maybe there is something you are doing that is hindering your blessings and not allowing you to tap into your glory. Rome was not built in a day so do not give up. They say experience is the best teacher;I have had my own share of the world hates me,nothing I do goes right,I hate my life but honestly,while I sat down crying and lamenting,nothing happened to me. I did not get the change I wanted. The only thing that crying will do for you is make you feel good and clear the dirt from your eyes.

Remember two good heads are better than one so seek help from people. Do not shy away to ask for help. Do not just ask help from random people. Ask help from people you trust. In my case,I had my cousin and friend talk to me. They really helped me to get out of that mentality I had. I even found out that,what I thought was a problem,was peanut compared to other peoples problem and these where people I have always looked up to but they over came it. Ofcourse i knew people had challenges in their life but i thought mine was worst. Life is short to indulge yourself in self pity. Nobody promised us that life was going to be easy or we were going to have a smooth road through out. Please,always know these things you go through now,will surely pass and only you can help yourself or fight your battles. Finding ourselves takes time,it is hard work but it is worth it and life is a book and you are its author,you determine its plots and pace and only you turn it pages.


One thought

  1. Self pity is a fast killer! Life has its ups and down but those challenges should be seen as huddles we should scale with a view to being stronger individuals. as huddles we should scale with a view to being stronger individuals.

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