So we all agree that sometimes life can be a bit unfair. They say rich men envy poor men and poor men envy the rich.  We all come from different backgrounds or up bringing but what really matters is how we end the journey. We have people that are fortunate enough to have the foundation built for them so when you see them, to you they are lucky. We also have the type of people that worked their bums off to get where they are now. They were not lucky as the others, but they made it. We also have the group of people that, they have ideas and plan to make it but no matter what, they do not get the help they need,they are never lucky enough. And finally, we have those people that do not strive to even make it in life. They find happiness in their present situation, refusing to take that extra step forward.

Let us go back to the first people that are lucky because the foundation has already been laid for them. I must admit once in a while we tend to be jealous of them, right? When we look at them, it’s like everything is going so well for them. They have never experienced hardship before because everything is taken care of. I have news for you, IT ISN’T ALL THAT GLITTERS WHICH IS GOLD.  No one asked for the cards they are dealt, you just have to make the best of it. You are the captain of your life so you can change your situation, with the right actions and attitude.

Why not be the one who will lay the foundation for your generation? You do not have to look up to anyone or be discouraged because some one has more than you. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. All the successful people you see,made so many sacrifices to be where they are now and have what they have now.Take responsibility of your future and more importantly, have faith in it. If you truly want to make it,you will start digging to know what to do and stop hating on peoples fortune…If it is a generational curse – seek spiritual help, if it is your own laziness; get your bum off the couch!  Time is ticking.


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