Do women who know how to cook have an advantage over those who don’t?

Recently, my girlfriends and I were talking about men and cooking. I guess we have been watching too many of food channels of late. This was  an interesting conversation. The topic was “Do you think girls that know how to cook have a better advantage over girls who don’t when it comes to guys”?

In my opinion, I believe they do because, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. But on the other hand, my friends thought they don’t. We both have a different up bringing so that might have contributed to our reasoning. From where i come from, as a woman you should know how to cook and clean. You shouldnt only be useful in bed.  To me this contribute to you being the total package a man will want. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying if you don’t know how to cook, you are not a total package. Honestly, when you ask me my type of guy, I will be fast to tell you I want a guy who knows how to cook. Of course I want a guy who knows how to cook because it will be easier for me. I don’t want to be cooking all the time. I want my man to be able to put up something when I am not around to cook and also,there is  something about a guy who knows how to cook that seems sexy. 🙂

My friends were in their own world and I don’t blame them. We have all been spoiled by having so many fast foods around us and of course, that was their reason..courstesy of fast foods, we will never go hungry.  Another reason for them was, you can get a guy who knows how to cook or even if you are rich, you can afford your own personal chef.  The truth of the matter is, how long will that go on.. At some point you will have to learn how to cook. If you want to eat out all the rest of your life,that is definitely up to you.

We decided to do our own little survey on this discussion by asking the guys of their opinions. We had a great feed back.  At the end of the day, it all summed up on LOVE.  Some of the guys where wiling to accept the lady like that but they wouldn’t mind if she knew how to cook a little. One of the guys said he  doesn’t care if she doesn’t know how to cook but he will appreciate it if during their relationship she tries to learn. If  the food doesn’t taste good he wouldn’t mind because she did try, and she can use cook books.  This funny guy said,why shouldnt she know how to cook? If she wants to prevent her man from eating from another womans house then, she better know how to cook.

Deep down, men love women that can hold it down both mentally,physically sexually and domestically. It isn’t always about looking pretty. So ladies, it doesn’t hurt  to know how to cook, just give it a try.

We want to hold our men down in all corners.Get them hooked!



Woman to Woman

Sometimes we ladies like to decieve ourselves. We may fall prey to being easy targets but it is all good. That doesn’t make you different because once in a while, everybody goes through that in life. But during all this, the best way is to wise up and face the truth. We still have some women out there attacking other women the moment they find out their rivals. Let us face reality here, for all you may know, the other lady doesn’t even know you exist or probably heard a different story entirely. Just like you are vulnerable to believe everything that your man tells you, that is the same situation the other woman is in. She is also falling prey to the words of the same man. Of course, there are certain ladies that wouldn’t care whether the man has someone or not but it surely doesnt justify you from attacking or starting a fight with the other lady. Be the bigger person and respect yourself.  I know how it feels when you hear about your man with another lady. The first thing you want to do is attack the lady but let’s be real here, it takes two to tango and definitely your man has the power to say no. You can force a horse to the river but you can not force it to drink water if it does not want to.  So you can rant, fight the lady all you want but if she doesn’t want to leave, she ain’t gonna move an inch. Instead of wasting your time and energy there are a whole lot of things you can do to save your relationship.

  • Re assess yourself and see if maybe you are to be blamed and then try to make changes in your life. If it means seeking helping from a third party, go ahead but make sure you chose the right person because some people will just give you bad advice.
  • Seek the help of God or whoever you believe in.  I believe in prayers and prayer is the key to communicate with God. There is nothing too hard for him to do. Just bare in mind, God’s time is the best so do not expect to get answers within a day:-). Just believe and have faith.
  • Try talking to the other woman.  Meet somewhere and talk things over. Be a lady and let the other lady know how you’re feeling. There is no shame in this game because you want to save your relationship. If she has a conscience, she will surely leave your man alone. Do not forget, she is also probably in love with the guy so it depends on how she will take it
  • Try talking to your man. Do not start a war here as well. If he loves you, he will change and if he doesn’t, the ball is in your court.

Whether you want to stay with him or not, remember, you can never change a man. He will change when he is willing to.  But never stoop so low to fight another woman because of a man.. Remember, once a cheater always a cheater; it may be best ladies to keep your pride and let him keep his regrets.

There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman!

– Tutu