Do women who know how to cook have an advantage over those who don’t?

Recently, my girlfriends and I were talking about men and cooking. I guess we have been watching too many of food channels of late. This was  an interesting conversation. The topic was “Do you think girls that know how to cook have a better advantage over girls who don’t when it comes to guys”?

In my opinion, I believe they do because, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. But on the other hand, my friends thought they don’t. We both have a different up bringing so that might have contributed to our reasoning. From where i come from, as a woman you should know how to cook and clean. You shouldnt only be useful in bed.  To me this contribute to you being the total package a man will want. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying if you don’t know how to cook, you are not a total package. Honestly, when you ask me my type of guy, I will be fast to tell you I want a guy who knows how to cook. Of course I want a guy who knows how to cook because it will be easier for me. I don’t want to be cooking all the time. I want my man to be able to put up something when I am not around to cook and also,there is  something about a guy who knows how to cook that seems sexy. 🙂

My friends were in their own world and I don’t blame them. We have all been spoiled by having so many fast foods around us and of course, that was their reason..courstesy of fast foods, we will never go hungry.  Another reason for them was, you can get a guy who knows how to cook or even if you are rich, you can afford your own personal chef.  The truth of the matter is, how long will that go on.. At some point you will have to learn how to cook. If you want to eat out all the rest of your life,that is definitely up to you.

We decided to do our own little survey on this discussion by asking the guys of their opinions. We had a great feed back.  At the end of the day, it all summed up on LOVE.  Some of the guys where wiling to accept the lady like that but they wouldn’t mind if she knew how to cook a little. One of the guys said he  doesn’t care if she doesn’t know how to cook but he will appreciate it if during their relationship she tries to learn. If  the food doesn’t taste good he wouldn’t mind because she did try, and she can use cook books.  This funny guy said,why shouldnt she know how to cook? If she wants to prevent her man from eating from another womans house then, she better know how to cook.

Deep down, men love women that can hold it down both mentally,physically sexually and domestically. It isn’t always about looking pretty. So ladies, it doesn’t hurt  to know how to cook, just give it a try.

We want to hold our men down in all corners.Get them hooked!



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