What is sex? Sex can be described in so many ways..It is a subject that people often shy away from and it also an action that people can not do without. Sex does not have a particular time connected to it because it is an individual thing. What bothers me is the fact that some people connect sex with love. I have come across a lot of situations where some people think sex is love..I know majority of us know that isn’t true. One thing I want to make clear is, SEX is not LOVE so do not be fooled or get it twisted. You will be surprised to know how many people out there still get deceived that sex is love and because of this, they have sex to show their love.

Although sex in a loving relationship is very beautiful, many think it is the attraction they have for each other that makes them consider having sex. “Derived from the natural sexual drive of the sexes for the purpose of procreation come the idea, in the minds of some, that sexual intercourse is “making love” . it is an individual thing so go according to what you think but don’t allow yourself to be deceived that sex  is love.

If people were to fall in love because of sex,what will happen when the excitement of sex fade?  Love will fade away.


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