Sorry for not being active for a while now. Work has been keeping me on my feet,so I have not had time to blog. I hope everybody is doing great. Fall is here and its not that bad,what I am dreading is winter in Edmonton. Its going to be my first winter here and I have heard some not so good news about it. I moved from Toronto to Edmonton and compared to the stories I have heard,winter in GTA was not bad at all.   I am just praying that it is not as bad as they make it seem because honestly, if I can not stand it, I am seriously moving back to GTA. I had my colleagues write me the list of things I need in order to survive. Nothing special,just the same things you need to survive a winter..

This is the list..

  • Winter Coat (Parka) or Canada goose jacket
  • Snow pants
  • Long Johns
  • Scarf
  • Mitten and gloves
  • Hat(toque)
  • Mini heat-packs(to put in gloves)
  • Flannel/fleece Pj pants
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Uggs
  • Thermos&mug(travel)
As I said,nothing special,just the same things..so right now,am just waiting for the almighty Edmonton winter to happen. I am really loving moccasins this fall because it is very comfy and warm.   
That is all for now, lovelies.

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