What is the world coming to?

I was in a store recently waiting for a friend of mine to try some clothes on. There was a sitting place for friends or family members to wait. Because it was a weekend,the waiting place was packed so there was no where to sit. There were two young guys,probably teenagers sitting down without feeling the need to give the chairs to the ladies. Nobody complained and they were left alone. But this was just too much for me when an older lady in her 50’s came in trying to find a place to sit. Everybody turned to look at these two guys expecting one of them to stand up and give his sit to the older lady as a form of respect..

This young boy,with no manners,opened his filthy and disrespectful mouth to tell the older lady,”if you are waiting for me to stand up,am sorry. I am not going to give you the sit.” Wow, everybody was shocked…he did not  feel guilty or ashamed as he altered those words to the  poor lady who you could see was really tired and needed to sit. It is a different thing if he had just looked away and said nothing. But in this situation he knew what he was doing was wrong.Another lady had to give her sit away. The older lady said nothing but smiled at him. After they left, she said she smiled because she is not surprised at all. She said this generation keeps getting worst and she fears what it is going to be like in the next ten years or so. There is no respect whatsoever.

I totally agree with her how there is no respect but it is just sad to see people treat the elderly with no respect. Do you blame these kids or their parent for how they are? Do they treat strangers only like that or to their parents as well?  It baffles me when I replay what went on that day in my mind. Truly the world is changing in all aspects.


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