Nothing is ever promised tomorrow today..

The most painful thing on earth is when you finally let go of something that has been holding you back, or has been hindering you from giving people a chance and it get shattered again. Just when you finally decide to give this one a try only to find yourself back to where you started. This I must confess totally changes your perception about everything you see hence forth.

If  you do not give it a try,they say you will not know the outcome. But then again,if you give it a try and you fail,it takes you back to that point in life where you were at first;feeling all broken physically and emotionally. You become so protective and build a wall around you making it so hard to allow people to breakthrough. I have come to realize that as much as we all wish well for ourselves, we are always not going to get things the way we want . We will win in some battles and others, we just have to let  go. There is nothing wrong letting that one go,because if it was meant to be,it would have been successful.

These people were put in our lives or these things happen for a reason. You should not let it crash you but rather make you better and stronger. If one door closes another will open or this will even push you out of your comfort zone. The worst is when you do not get the chance to try again..Life is precious and you have it so brush off the hurt  and keep moving forward. Do not let anything or anyone bring you down. Keep believing that one day it is going to be your turn….


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