Admitted,Valentine is a day for lovers but it should also be for people who care about each other,like friends and family.. Friends and family can also exchange gifts.

Back in the day when I was in Accra,I remember in Junior high, we always had service when it was Valentine’s day. We did that because I was in a catholic school and they used this occasion to teach us about Saint Valentine. I bet not many people know the whole idea about Valentine’s day. If you don’t, do your  research about it. During this day, my friends and I normally exchange gifts. It was just a normal day for us,no biggie. Then, I went to Senior high where I realized people do take it more serious. It was quite a big deal. On Valentine day,the color RED is very popular. Especially when it comes to clothes. Yes,people will actually go shopping for something red just to wear on that day in town. Now a days,it isn’t as bad as it used to be. It did suck for people who did not have  lovers though,because,you are left out of the action(romance). I have had good valentine days with friends and loved ones.

I hope everybody will have a good Valentine’s day. If you do not have a gift to offer,just tell that person how much you care and love them but if you want to go all out, do not let anything hold you back.  For those who do not have lovers,it is not the end of the world. Don’t be sad, treat yourself to something you love and finally, to those who broke up with their girlfriends ahead because of Valentine’s day, shame on you.:-) .

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love and kisses,Tutu.


54th Annual Grammys Awards… RED CARPET FASHION..

The red carpet was filled with glitz and glam. Some celebrities missed and others had hits. The awards was hosted by LL Cool J. These are some of my favorites celebrities that rocked the red carpet….

Adele looked glamorous in Giorgio Armani black sequins gown.

Rihanna looking sexy in Giorgio Armani dress.

Taylor Swift  looked sophisticated in Zuhair Muhad gown.

Carrie Underwood looked sophisticated and sparkling in this white sequins gown by Gomez-Gracia.

Alicia Keys kept it simple.

Anna V. and Adam Levine

Kate Beckinsale kept it on the softer side rocking Zuhair Muhad frock.

Julianne Hough kept it sleek in a Kaufman Franco dress.

John Legend.

Bruno Mars looked dapper.

LL Cool J in velvet suit by Armani.

Miranda Lambert looked gorgeous in this gold gown.

Kelly Rowland looked gorgeous and sleek in this beige Alberta Ferreti gown.

Paris Hilton looked sophisticated in this gown.

Coco and Ice T.

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris both looking dapper.

Tia Carrerre looked stunning in her gown.

Jason Aldean and Jessica Aldean.

One step.

It has been a while since I blogged and I apologize. I have been quite busy with work and still getting used to my  new surroundings. So far, I am  getting used to the cold here in Edmonton..When it is cold,it is really cold!!! I strictly followed the list my co workers gave me and it has really helped me. Some,I learned it the hard way but it is all good. Apparently,this winter has not been that cold compared to the other years. Maybe I brought the sunshine from Toronto or what do you think?

I hope the year is going great so far. New year,new opportunity to make things right or work towards your dream. Remember life is not a race..Do not compare yourself to others. Do not bring yourself down no matter what. Life is precious and you should cherish it and by cherishing it,you should love yourself and wish nothing but the best for yourself.

Nobody is going to love you as much as you love yourself..Never let others take you for granted because you are worth more. Always remember, you have to start from somewhere to get to where you want to be in life and it starts with that one step..