Growing up, I had to take a subject called Cultural Studies in Junior High. Clearly I thought it was just another subject I had to take in school to pass by but what I didn’t realize was, it was going to play a bigger role in my life. One thing that I definitely did learn is to respect other peoples culture. Culture simply termed, Is a way a group of people live in a particular community. It has to deal with their beliefs,knowledge, experience,values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion etc.. There are so many cultures in the world and they both differ. In each way,it is unique to its people and they respect it. For another person to disrespect another culture,that is totally rude and wrong.

Although everybody is entitled to their own opinion and has the freedom of speech, I think it will be wise for one to educate him/herself  in the culture before criticizing it. Discussions and readings about other cultures will definitely help build cultural awareness, but the opinions presented must be carefully measured or it will lead to unwarranted stereotypes. It is always a good idea to get varied viewpoints about the same culture. Some people need to watch what they say about other peoples culture because we live in a multicultural society and you maybe offending people.

I think people  need to respect other peoples culture and not disrespect it. Everybody’s culture is unique and beautiful whether you like it or not.


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