Hello everyone, hope the month May has been treating you all good.  I have been quite bothered about what I saw today and before I get to the topic, I just want to make this clear, I am not against anybody who smokes but what I am against is when a smoker smokes around a child. That is just totally wrong.

I decided to take a walk today because the weather was nice. On my way, I saw these couples smoking while walking with their kid, whom if I am right is about 2years old.  As an adult, I know the effects of second hand smoking so I stay away from where people are smoking but what does that poor child know? I honestly felt bad for that child because children are at higher risk of getting sick since their lungs are still developing and they turn to inhale more of the smoke because they breathe faster than adults. There are many side effects of second hand smoking and to think one will smoke around a child is just ridiculous.

Let me just take this opportunity to  clarify what  second hand smoking is and some of the side effects because clearly, it seems some people are still unaware of the side effects.

Second hand smoking is an environmental tobacco that is inhaled involuntary or passively by someone who is not smoking. The concentration of hydrogen cyanide (a poisonous gas that attacks respiratory enzymes) in tobacco smoke is considered toxic.


Some of the SHORT TERM SIDE EFFECTS of second hand smoking includes; eye irritation, headache, cough, sore throat, dizziness and nausea. Adults with asthma can also experience a significant decline in lung function when exposed second hand smoke. And also, just 30 minutes of exposure is enough to reduce blood flow to heart and the LONG TERM EFFECTS will be lung cancer, stroke, respiratory illness, heart disease.


Some of the SIDE EFFECTS  children suffer  are the sudden infant death syndrome (Typically the infant is found dead after having been put to bed, and exhibits no signs of having suffered),  increased rate of middle ear disorder, lower respiratory illness (croup, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and pneumonia) asthma and worsening of asthmatic symptoms, and reduced lung growth.

If you are a parent and you smoke around your child, obviously you do not love your child. Because, if you do, you will try not to harm him or her and also applies to adults who smoke around other children, you do not love them.

And to end it, some important facts; estimated about 46,000 deaths from heart disease is non- smokers who live with smokers and about 3,400 lung cancer death in non-smoking adult.

Hope this will enlighten people about the seriousness about second hand smoking.. Let us try to make this world a better place.

Peace and Love



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