Interracial marriages…


The world is getting smaller by the day.

Race is no longer a boundary to others when it comes to matters of the heart.

It is beautiful to see cultures mixing without any hindrances.

Gone are the days when it was a taboo for Black to marry White or even Asians to marry Black or White or Hispanic to marry White,Black or Asian, etc.

Gone are the days when cultures do not marry from other cultures.

But now, you will be surprise to see there is no barrier.

Every where you turn to, you will see interracial marriages. Black with White, Hispanic with White or Black, Indian with Chinese or even Indian with White or Black.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Even within some countries, discrimination against other tribes existed.

But now, you will notice tribe is no longer a problem.

It is such a beautiful thing to see us all come together as one.

Do not get me wrong, such cases still exist but it is not as bad as it used to be.

People are now educated and majority, thinking outside the box.

Definitely some cultures are against this unity but they can not do anything about it.

When the heart is willing,who are you to change its course.

In the future, the world is going to be an exotic place.

Our children’s children are going to be so different.

It is going to be hard to tell where they come from and that is what we need in this world because, we need UNITY.

The last thing on peoples mind will be racial differences.

It is time for people to start changing their mind set.

The earlier the better!




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