Do you ever wonder why some people are so wicked? I do that a lot.

It amazes me how a fellow human being will try their best just to cause another man sorrow.

Maybe they were born like that or maybe, it is a seed that has germinated in them.

There is no smoke without fire but, it is very sad when one dedicates his or her life by just wishing others evil.

It is that poor mentality they have that makes them lack in life and puts them in captivity.

Why put yourself in such a position by wasting your time and energy on hating on others?

Time waits for no man.

Some people will go far and beyond just to satisfy their evil desire. How pathetic.

The truth is, when God is on your side, all their works will fail(1 Peter 3:12) For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil




2 thoughts

  1. We only learn through darkness, think about it, if it was light / perfect all the time… what would we learn?
    You don’t know that this [evil] person was sent by God to teach us compassion, love and togetherness ?
    When it’s quiet in the world, [over-all] how do people treat each other? Introduce earth-quake… now [over-all] how do people treat each other ? We do learn through hardship, and it’s not our place to judge those who have agreed to teach us love from hate. When we judge we become apart of the problem.

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