Chicken What???

Recently I was hit by chickenpox and boy! It was the least I expected at this stage of my life (especially with the thought that it was only a childhood disease).  mother nature proved me wrong  by paying me a surprise  visit of it which I have  accepted as my fate .

If you do not know what chickenpox is; it is an itchy rash which develops into a pours with time. It is highly contagious and spreads through your entire body, leaving dark spots on your body as its aftermath. Feverish feelings, loss of appetite and general body weakness are some of its early symptoms.

The moment my doctor confirmed I had contracted the ailment, I decided to combat it straight on; using every available therapy possible. I was not going to allow it tie me down considering my job and other commitments.  Guess where my first stop was? The pharmacy, to get medications. Thank God they had something to relief me.

I was asked to get Tylenol (an analgesic) for the fever and calamine lotion, to treat the irritation or inflammation. Medically, the only remedy to chicken pox treatment is a through a natural healing process. Hence my physician prescribed that I get a week off work to go through the process and to reduce the risk of spreading the infection to other people around.

I searched the internet to uncover some home remedies and these were some of my discoveries:

For a bath, I used ‘LUSH DREAMWASH’ shower smoothie. This wash has cooling calamine and aloe Vera gel which helped calm the itch. I normally just scoop from the jar with my hand and apply it all over my body, but with time I started using my sponge.


For a body cream I applied mainly calamine lotion and not any other.  You can get this at any drugstore and it isn’t that expensive. Bear in mind, this lotion can possibly stain your clothing so don’t wear your favorites when you have to put this lotion on. Try as much as possible to wear loose cotton dresses and undercalamwear and avoid repeating them.


Another thing I constantly did was to lay in a bath tub with lukewarm water present.   I did this with my body soaked in blended oatmeal.

I blend about two cups and pour into the bath tub, let the warm water run, then soaked myself in it. This  helped reduce  the itchiness .



Nutrition wise, I had actually lost  my appetite  hence I resolved to  drinking more of fruit juices and water. However if that is not your case, try as much possible to stay away from dairy products.

This is what I did to get an early recovery. I HOPE this blog will help you too .



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