Don’t play god. 

Growing up, I had my life all planned out on how I wanted things to unfold, for some reasons, I thought it will all play out perfectly. I grew up with my grandma. I didn’t have the traditional family where you have your parents and that was something I always longed for but one thing I am so grateful for, is my grandma. I couldn’t have asked for better guardian. 

Because of this, I was hoping that all other things should fall in place. I was my own god in my own world. But guess what?, it didn’t all go to my expectation because I was no god.

Everything and I mean everything I dream of ended up in the shallow bins. It was hard for me to believe or understand   what was going on. I looked at others and they had it all. They seemed to have all their wishes granted, and dreams come true.  Why couldn’t I just be as lucky as them? What was wrong with me? Time and time I wondered.

As I grew older and became closer to God, I realized how wrong I was, thinking the power to desire and make life decisions was all to my exclusive. Wisdom has revealed to me that as a child of God, He had it all planned for me and if I had been patient, it would have been perfect. I was busy planning my life when I should have been asking God for directions. I surrendered it all to God then everything started making sense.

After all I wasn’t unfortunate, those things didn’t happen because they weren’t ripe in the will  and wishes of God for my life.

I know there are some young Ladies/Gentlemen out there who are going through same difficulties as I did. I want to assure you that, it does get better with time. Stop playing your own god and surrender it to God. Stop being choosy,Stop judging a book by its cover,humble yourself,believe in yourself,be positive. Whatever religion you are in, I believe the God we worship wishes us nothing but the best. Don’t give up. It’s never about who finished first, it’s getting there that matters and just because you are not there yet, means you are a failure. I testify to that.




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