Fake it till you make it? 

I had a conversation with a lady at a shop and what actually made her come to me was because of my daughter. I often go to the store she works so I guess, she has seen me before and noticed this time around I have a baby with me.

She asked if this was my first baby and I said yes. Then she started telling me how she has been trying to conceive for 3 years and the disappointments because it is just not happening. I listened attentively and when she finished,I was like wow, that was me 2 years ago. I told her how I was in the same situation as well. The reason why it was taking forever, what was actually the cause, how frustrated I was and the path I took to finally get pregnant. I didn’t mind opening up to her because I am not ashamed of my past. You could see she was relieved to know there is actually a way out.

On a normal day, she attends to a lot of customers. Reason why she chose me to share this with?Only God knows. One thing I know for a fact is, everything happens for a reason. Probably, God pushed her to me because I have been in that position before and talking to her will give her the answer she is seeking.Now she knows it is possible and maybe that’s what she needed to know; it’s possible.
Reason why I’m writing this up? I have come across a lot of people that need something(not want) but they pretend that they don’t around people and when they are alone, they cry,get  depressed, frustrated etc. These people are basically just faking it.
I am one firm believer when you need something, declare and decree, Put shame aside and ask,do not sit down and expect a miracle, find solution to your problem. Nobody is going to carry that cross for you. You never know who can help you, therefore, Stop pretending. In this case faking till you make it doesn’t work.

I have seen a number of people deceive themselves on how they don’t want to get married meanwhile its top on their list. They don’t want to get pregnant meanwhile, they have a medical problem and instead declaring good things, they keep prophesying negative words. They don’t like their job,deep down, if they get fired, it will crush them. How do you even expect to get promoted when you keep saying this to your colleagues who will definitely tell on you and finally, They don’t love their partners but we all know, they love them like crazy. Some people say many things contrary to what they really need, hence, contradicting themselves.
Always remember the tongue is a powerful weapon. Be careful of the things you say with it.


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