Baby and kids Christmas guide

Just a couple of days left to Christmas. I decided to put up this Christmas guide to parents who are still wondering what to get. Rounded it to 10 items to make it easier. Hope it helps. 



Triple Action

This is one of my favourite things at the moment and if you are a mum, you will understand. Honestly, I think I need a diaper wearing tutoring because, I might be doing something wrong to get the leakage. And yes, I am talking about baby poo. Places I get the stain? It’s either the sides or back of her clothes and I know most of the mothers can relate to that. 

For some reason,this happens when she wears a new clothing. It’s  Like 80% of the time. I just feel it might just be her little welcome ceremony. 

As I said, it is often her new clothes and I get so worried because I don’t want it to be stained. Well, baby clothes are not that cheap so we got to do what we got to do. As we all know, not all detergents do what they say they do,therefore, I end up getting a yellow stain on her clothes. 

 I never gave up on my determination to eliminate that yellow stain, so I decided to try a couple of detergents until I get the right one. Let’s call it my “trial and error” journey. One beautiful day, I made a purchase and that my friend, was going to change my life forever. Quite dramatic but this product deserves the attention. I bought PUREX detergent just to give it a try and I loved it and the rest was history. It is as powerful as it says on the packaging “triple action”. 

How do I get rid of the stain? Simple!! 

I hand wash the stained part first with just water, pour a bit of PUREX were it has been stained, soak it in water over night then hand wash it again the next day with PUREX. Sometimes I do forget and soak it for two days. Viola!. I know it will be of great help when start eating solid and I am not scared at all! 

As a first time mum, I know it’s difficult and frustrating when you aren’t getting things right. I hope this helps. 


Tea tree and Magnaminty to the rescue. 

Recently, I have been quite relaxed when it comes to my night time routine. There have been a couple of times I have gone to bed with make up on, which by now we all know it’s a horrible thing to do. And because of this act, I have been breaking out. I do get a few bumps here and there on my face.

My excuse is; I am baby busy so by the time I am ready to clean it off, I am too tired to do it then I fall asleep.And whenever the baby wakes me up during our night shift, I can’t be bothered. Since it has become an habit of mine and also noticed these items works for me, I now tend to use these two products. Probably the reason why I keep doing it is because I know I have a solution.

I use MASK OF MAGNAMINTY from Lush and TEA TREE SKIN CLEARING FACIAL WASH from the body shop. The mask can be use for the body as well. What I like about it the most is; it’s minty which gives you that clean sensation.

The  first thing I do is to wash my face then apply the mask, leave it on for 5-10mimutes while I do other things then wash it off. I then use Tea tree skin clearing facial wash to wash out any residue left on my face. On a daily basis, I use Tea tree as a facial wash. I do not use any facial cloth, I use my palm. The tea tree is suitable for blemished skin and also oily skin. I do have oily skin and this has been a staple item.

I wanted to share this little tip of mine with you. Especially during this season, there is going to be a lot of party going and some of us will definitely be skipping taking our make up off. Hope it works for you.



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