Tea tree and Magnaminty to the rescue. 

Recently, I have been quite relaxed when it comes to my night time routine. There have been a couple of times I have gone to bed with make up on, which by now we all know it’s a horrible thing to do. And because of this act, I have been breaking out. I do get a few bumps here and there on my face.

My excuse is; I am baby busy so by the time I am ready to clean it off, I am too tired to do it then I fall asleep.And whenever the baby wakes me up during our night shift, I can’t be bothered. Since it has become an habit of mine and also noticed these items works for me, I now tend to use these two products. Probably the reason why I keep doing it is because I know I have a solution.

I use MASK OF MAGNAMINTY from Lush and TEA TREE SKIN CLEARING FACIAL WASH from the body shop. The mask can be use for the body as well. What I like about it the most is; it’s minty which gives you that clean sensation.

The  first thing I do is to wash my face then apply the mask, leave it on for 5-10mimutes while I do other things then wash it off. I then use Tea tree skin clearing facial wash to wash out any residue left on my face. On a daily basis, I use Tea tree as a facial wash. I do not use any facial cloth, I use my palm. The tea tree is suitable for blemished skin and also oily skin. I do have oily skin and this has been a staple item.

I wanted to share this little tip of mine with you. Especially during this season, there is going to be a lot of party going and some of us will definitely be skipping taking our make up off. Hope it works for you.



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One thought

  1. Tea Tree is the love ❤ I went full crazy and actually bought the real oil. It smells sooooo bad it's unreal. But it's so effective against pimples. I still use it as a last resort though …. it's too cold outside to keep the window open and I might just die of smell poisoning :))

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