Last Christmas, I included this product in the Kids Christmas guide I did for the parents. I know as a mother, before you make a purchase, you do your research making sure it’s a good product. Basically, when my girl was 3months, I started training her to sit with pillows around her. But I wanted her to sit upright so I decided to go for  a seat to help her. Initially, I planned on getting the Bumbo seat but when I got to Toys r us, I changed my mind. I realized the Bumbo was just plain simple compared to deluxe seat. I needed something to keep her engaged and I knew it will be fun for my baby. This was quite interesting so I picked this and I am glad I did. She loves it, keeps her busy and when she is happy, I am happy too. 

A couple of pros about it; 

  • it has a detachable toy bar
  • 3in1 chair(can be used as a booster seat)
  • it turns 360 degrees
  • easy to clean
  • 6 colourful toys to keep baby engaged

One downside about it;

  • the leg room is not enough so if your baby is on the chubby side, it tend to get tighter with the tray. 

Hope this review will be helpful. 



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lovely Whitney

Wife and a mother who believes you can achieve whatever you want in life if you work smart and hard. I also believe in taking chances.If it works fine,if it doesn't, life must go on. You will never know unless you try.

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