Once again, Valentine is upon us and some of us will go far and beyond to prove to their loved ones how much they love and appreciate them. It is not everybody that do the whole Valentine thing but whatever it is,you should not let Valentine day be the only day you give gifts or do something nice for your partner. You should always let them know how much you appreciate them.

I have put together a few gift ideas.


  • Boxer shorts
  • Shaving machine
  • Personalized mug
  • Inner T.shirt
  • Fragrance
  • Wrist Watch
  • Gold or silver chain; It is not all guys that wear necklace so make sure he likes it
  • Wallet
  • Shirt
  • Tool box
  • A candle lit dinner at home
  • Drink of his choice e.g, beer,wine


  • Lingerie
  • Chocolates
  • Flowers and a personalized card
  • Romantic getaway weekend
  • Wrist Watch
  • Heart necklace
  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • Purse
  • If you plan on proposing, this will be a perfect time
  • Beauty products

Enjoy your Valentine day and do not forget to share the love with everybody.




January Favorites


  • Ysl opium perfume;I love this fragrance! It doesn’t matter how many perfumes I have, I always get drawn to this scent. It’s a classy, more mature scent. I don’t need to soak myself in it. A little bit goes a long way. The staying power is strong. 
  • mocassins;I really wore the heck out of it. It is very comfortable and as a mother, I need the comfort more than anything else. I got mine from OldNavy. 
  • Bath and body works Merry Berry Christmas shower gel and its Shea swirl;I got this scent for the Christmas season but being the addicted BBW shopper, I ended up using a different one for December. It smells like berry and it makes my skin so soft. I was a bit sceptic about the scent because of my daughter but initially I gave in and I don’t think it’s a bother to her.
  • I know who i am by Sinach; I am probably late getting on this wagon but ever since my hubby played this song, I haven’t been able to stop singing it . It’s inspirational and motivational. 
  •  Huggies baby wipes; as I wrote earlier on in one of my blogs, I get so tired I don’t even get time to clean my make up. I recently discovered my baby’s wipes does a great job taking make up off. So, I have been using it and it does a pretty good job. 
  • covert affairs, Jessica Jones series;  I am beginning to question myself why I still pay for cable because I hardly watch anything on it. What I need is more data because I am always on Netflix or YouTube. I recently bumped into Jessica Jones and Covert Affairs on Netflix and it’s a damn good series.
  • Sephora Cream lip Stain #5;this is a neutral colour and I have been grabbing it a lot because I don’t have to be worried leaving lipstick stain on my baby’s face. 
  • NYX above&beyond full coverage concealer; I use it to cover the bags under my eye and give to give it a little brightness. It does not crease. 
  • The body shop Drops of youth; this is my favourite serum. It leaves my face smoother and brighter.