January Favorites


  • Ysl opium perfume;I love this fragrance! It doesn’t matter how many perfumes I have, I always get drawn to this scent. It’s a classy, more mature scent. I don’t need to soak myself in it. A little bit goes a long way. The staying power is strong. 
  • mocassins;I really wore the heck out of it. It is very comfortable and as a mother, I need the comfort more than anything else. I got mine from OldNavy. 
  • Bath and body works Merry Berry Christmas shower gel and its Shea swirl;I got this scent for the Christmas season but being the addicted BBW shopper, I ended up using a different one for December. It smells like berry and it makes my skin so soft. I was a bit sceptic about the scent because of my daughter but initially I gave in and I don’t think it’s a bother to her.
  • I know who i am by Sinach; I am probably late getting on this wagon but ever since my hubby played this song, I haven’t been able to stop singing it . It’s inspirational and motivational. 
  •  Huggies baby wipes; as I wrote earlier on in one of my blogs, I get so tired I don’t even get time to clean my make up. I recently discovered my baby’s wipes does a great job taking make up off. So, I have been using it and it does a pretty good job. 
  • covert affairs, Jessica Jones series;  I am beginning to question myself why I still pay for cable because I hardly watch anything on it. What I need is more data because I am always on Netflix or YouTube. I recently bumped into Jessica Jones and Covert Affairs on Netflix and it’s a damn good series.
  • Sephora Cream lip Stain #5;this is a neutral colour and I have been grabbing it a lot because I don’t have to be worried leaving lipstick stain on my baby’s face. 
  • NYX above&beyond full coverage concealer; I use it to cover the bags under my eye and give to give it a little brightness. It does not crease. 
  • The body shop Drops of youth; this is my favourite serum. It leaves my face smoother and brighter. 

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