Time and tide surely does not wait for anyone. Half a year already!!! I am enjoying every second with her and I refuse to complain.

Her two pearly white teeth below is so outstanding. When she smiles or laugh, you can see it. Talking about smiles and laugh, she has been doing a lot of that. And oh, not forgetting them tears to get mummy and daddy’s attention.  She has been doing a lot of baby talks too and likes to sing along when watching her baby rhymes videos. 

She is still trying to crawl but we have mastered moving around smoothly with our padded bum. She is an expect in rolling now. I can not leave her for a minute because she will roll over. With her rolling and bum movement, we do not know where she will get to. Hence, we have been baby proofing our home. Making sure there isn’t anything to hurt my girl. Baby proofing does not guarantee you 100% safety and that is why you always have to keep an eye on them. Prevention is better than cure.

Since my maternity leave is coming to an end, I have started trying to train her to get used to others. Therefore, I have been taking her to nursery for 2hours but guess what? Missy right here gets bored easily then starts crying. I am not giving up because I know she can do it. she does not have a problem with people taking her or whatsoever, the catch is, as long as mummy or daddy is around. 

Her feeding pattern is the same but she eats a bit more. Every week I say to her; “I am going to stop breastfeeding you the following week so you better enjoy this now ” Next week is yet to come. She probably thinks I am joke by now.

Sleep pattern has not changed. Still wakes up every 3 to 4 hours to feed. Sometimes, I get lucky and she just dozes for a long time.

Every child maturity differs. Do not compare your child to another.



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