Recently, I went on a trip with my daughter and it was my first time travelling with an infant. I was a bit worried because, based on my travelling experience, I have noticed how some of the children behave. Let’s just say, It is not easy at all.
It was going to be the two of us, therefore,  I didn’t want to carry heavy hand luggage and diaper bag. I made sure I downsized  everything in my diaper bag(backpack) to make it easier and I was really glad I did. I was fortunate enough to get my hand luggage checked in for free. If you can get your hand luggage checked in for free, take advantage of it. Trust me, it makes life easier.
I decided to share my packing list with my fellow lovely mothers or fathers travelling with an infant.

1. Diapers
2. Changing pad
You can get disposable ones. It is really not hygienic to place them directly on the changing table. 
3. Vaseline
To prevent diaper rash.
4. Fruit puree( depending on what they are in to).
5. Mum mum biscuit
I was advised to give her something to chew on to prevent discomfort in the ear.
6. Sippy cup
She needs water, milk or juice for hydration.
7. Toys or pacifier cleaner
Babies tend to drop items and you can not always get up to go to the bathroom. This saves you time.
8. Hand sanitiser
9. Baby wipes
10. Favorite toy
11. Extra clothes/socks/bibs
You never know when an accident can occur. Mess up their clothes with food or poo. You have to be ready.
12. Plastic bag for diaper dispose
13. Tablet
Watch nursery rhymes to keep her occupied. It is not all the planes that have tv on board.
14. Feeding cloth
It is all about privacy.
15. Medicine
16. Blanket
To cover her when she sleeps or even when the plane is too cold.



Where is the time machine that will take me back to the first time I had Abby?I can not believe how time is flying. It still feels like yesterday when I brought her home, now she is the queen of the house. Got her fingers all wrapped around her dad.( Daddy’s Angel.)
I am going to combine 7&8 months together because, her growth is similar.

MOVEMENT: She is a fast crawler now. I mean before you get up from your seat, she is already ahead of you. She is now holding on to things to stand and walk. Trust me, the minute they get to this age, your house will never be the same. Whatever she sets her eyes on, best believe she is going for it. You want to see a baby dance?My baby loves to dance. Just play the record and you will get her bouncing with a smile on her face.

TEETHING: It is every breastfeeding mums fear when their teeth starts coming. You may ask, WHY? Expect to be bitten during feeding time. I have lost count. I used to say when the biting starts, that is when l will stop breastfeeding. Ahh, I am yet to stop. Anyway, not only does she have the bottom ones, she has her upper ones too! She is one of the lucky ones who does not have bad teething. She does get fussy here and there.

EATING: Honestly, I enjoy breastfeeding my baby. If it was not for the fact I have to return  to work and she has to go to daycare, I will feed her until she says; mum I have had enough. I will feed her until she turns two.  She enjoys her solid food and always want to eat what mama and papa is eating. Aside from me feeding her, I am encouraging her to eat on her own so I normally put
her fruits in a bowl for her to grab. I also give her, her sippy cup to drink by herself. I have noticed how picky she is with what she eats. Let us say, she has got good taste. A lot of veggies and fruits.

SLEEP PATTERN: When Abby started sleeping for long hours, I thought something was wrong. I will actually go and check if she was breathing or shake her to see if she will respond. Apparently, it comes with the age. She sleeps longer hours now. Gets her naps during the day. She still wakes up during the night to feed and goes straight back to sleep.

Abby is a talkative now. Responds when you call her name.She even waves back and says babaa( bye-bye). I am not happy with the fact she is saying DaDa, DaDi and not saying MaMa.
One thing that I need to work on is her clinging on to me. She is so used to me, going to someone else is a problem. I need to work on that.
Always remember, all babies are not the same so do not expect the same growth.
Love, Tutu.



We live in a society where we get pressured to do so many things. One thing we often forget is, when trouble comes our way, we are in it alone.

We compare ourselves to others and that brings unnecessary pressure on us.

Before you go ahead and envy anybody’s success in life,always remember, there was once a humble beginning.

You never saw the past struggles , you only see the end product that is beautiful or attractive.

If you ever try and you do not succeed, try again. Keep trying until you succeed. Some people are fortunate enough to get things handed over to them, yet they still fail. Unfortunately, majority of us are not that lucky. Does that mean we are not going to be successful? A big NO.

Life is not fair and that is a fact but because you are alive, you have the opportunity to turn things around.

Always remember, not everything that glitters is gold.