I sit here peacefully in my room with no disturbing yells of ” mommy this or mommy that”. I actually have a space to myself, I can type on my computer with no child grabbing or pressing a key note. This feels amazing. Wondering where the kids are? They are asleep! Sleeping at 8pm is a miracle. I’m never used to this life hehehe!
You wonder why its such a big deal to me? I will tell you why.
Before I had kids, l was told to sleep train my children. I had lots of experienced moms advice me to sleep train my kids as early as possible but guess what? It fell on deaf ears.
Fast forward to the present, I have a 3yr old and a 19month old baby and they sleep when ever they want. Yes,you heard me. It all started with, we are not going any where so they can sleep any time and that was because I was on maternity leave. They will sleep when I am sleeping and l normally don’t sleep early so they will stay up with me. Because of this act, I can’t get anything done when I get back from work.One reason why I haven’t been writing.
Its so hard for me to do anything; Cooking, cleaning you name it.

I do most chores when they are asleep,especially cleaning which l do very late at night. Honestly, its not easy trying to balance full time job with the two girls and I know its because l don’t have a routine. Life would have been so much easier if I instilled that in them when they were younger, but its never too late.
I have started and so far we’re working on it. We’re getting some where. One of my biggest resolution for this year, is to have some routine for the family.
Such as under listed below:
• when I get back from work, I go straight to the kitchen and make dinner( days that my husband is home, he prepares dinner)
• After dinner, we just hang around for a bit just to catch up with them.
• Bathing time is always fun time.
• Book time . I can read one book like 50 times. Lol
• Hot chocolate/milk time
• Since they will sleep when I sleep, I just stay in their room,lock the door,turn off the light then we all sleep in their bed singing rhymes until they sleep or I do(hahaha, 40% of the time cus I am tired). I go to my room once they are asleep.
As a piece of advice to all expecting mothers, please don’t be like me. Especially when you will be returning to work. Make sure you have Some routine in your life. You may not be 100% adherent to it, but having one just brings some order in your life .
I hope this year will be good to us.


5 thoughts

  1. I find rhis to be so true, If you dont have a routine its chaos. Its always gard at first especially when there are older but you just have to be firm and start the training and once it becomes a routine it will be a breeze🙌

  2. I find this to be so true, if you dont have a routine its chaos. Its always hard at first especially if they are older but you just have to be firm and start the training and once it becomes routine it will be a breeze🙌

  3. I have never had a routine for my kids but for this my last baby who is 21months. I think she needs a routine. She won’t sleep if am not asleep and refuse to sleep in her bed. I can’t remember the day I had a really good sleep 😴 Am starting a routine now. Thank you.

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