It can be quite overwhelming for a first time mum. You will make certain purchases that you will come to realize, it was not worth it. Trust me, I have been there and I know it. By the time I had my second child, I knew for a fact what I needed. If you plan on having more than one child, make sure to  buy items that will last. Most of the items on this  list was bought when I had my first baby. I want to make life a bit easier for you by sharing some of the items that I absolutely love and you will need.(I purchased all the items by myself.It was not sponsored)

Car seat and stroller


Baby carrier: There are some days that your baby will not like to be put down. They just want you to hold them and you may be busy. The carrier will allow you carry your baby and have your hands free. It makes my life a whole lot easier during those days.


Bassinet: I didn’t buy a bassinet for my first girl because I honestly thought it was a waste of money. I wish I had back then. My first girl never liked her crib because I think it felt so big for her.  I didn’t want the same thing to happen to my second girl therefore,I decided to buy the bassinet. The bassinet is smaller in size. I am glad I did because she sleeps in it perfectly. We have transitioned her from the bassinet to the crib so far so good. What I love about it is the fact that I can move it from one room to the other.


Baby bouncer or swing: The vibration and the bouncer soothes my baby to sleep.  The toys grabs her attention. It is either she is sleeping or busy with the toys.



Bottle warmer : I love this bottle warmer! Its easy to use and works on different sizes of bottles.It heats up bottles very quickly and that is what you need for a hungry baby.

bottle warmer

Humidifier: The starry night sky creates a comforting surrounding. My first girl just love the stars and every time she looks at it, she likes to sing “twinkle twinkle little star”. Our favorite song.


Nose aspirator : We all know babies or some toddlers can not blow their nose. This will do the job for you. With my first girl, I used to suck the “stuff” from her nose with my mouth. Boy was I glad when I bought this.


Saline drops: Recently my baby got a cold from her big Sis. She was congested. The poor child couldn’t breathe well but every time I sprayed this into her nostrils, it gave her the relief she needed.

saline drops



Breast pump :  With my first baby, I used to use the manual pump and it was hard work. I breast fed her exclusively. I am glad I invested in the electric pump because it is way better. What I like is this pump can run off of batteries as well as be plugged in, so you can use it pretty much anywhere.

breast pump

Play mat: Perfect for tummy time and keeps baby busy with so many activities.


Nail clipper : Their nails grow so fast. You have to make sure you keep trimming it or else they will scratch their face.

Baby monitor


Gripe water : I use it mostly when my baby has a stomach discomfort.




There you have it, my must haves that I love. As they grow, it will change. What are some items you would have put on your newborn must have list, do share!







Both o f my girls suffered from cradle cap. I was hoping the second child wouldn’t but unfortunately she did. My first girl had a severe cradle cap and it took a while for it to be cured.  I remember how I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why and trying to treat it. Since she was my first child, I was really worried and to make matters worst, she had rashes on her face which wouldn’t go. Every mom I spoke to told me it wasn’t a big deal but to me it was. Trust me, as a first time mom there will be so many things you will worry about.

What it is Cradle cap?

It is a crusty or oily scaly patches on a baby’s scalp, the eyebrow or eyelid.  Cradle cap is also called dandruff in older kids and adults.It is normally not painful or itchy but it can get uncomfortable for the baby. It usually happens within the first 3 months when the baby is born.


It’s not clear what causes cradle cap, although it may be linked to high levels of an oily substance called sebum on affected area and also a reaction to a yeast called malassezia on the skin. One thing I can assure you which doesn’t cause cradle cap is getting it from another person(not contagious) but what I noticed is that, it can cause rashes on the baby’s face if the scales keeps falling on the baby’s face.


Cradle cap differs on every baby. Some  will group together in bunches(like my girls) or it can be spread far apart on the body. With my girls, it had the thick plaques and flakes like dandruff and also had hair loss due to it. Don’t worry about the hair loss because it will grow back as they grow.

How to cure it

What I normally do is put almond oil or olive oil in their hair,wait for about 10-20 minutes, I combed through their hair with a fine-tooth comb or soft brush and the flakes falls off,  then go wash it out. You can also leave it overnight then wash it the next day. I don’t like washing their hair daily because I feel like it will dry their scalp. So I do this every other day. I wash their scalp with mild shampoo as it can help to loosen and remove the scales. And days that I don’t wash the hair, I just wet a towel and clean their scalp.

Try not to use the same towel you use on the scalp for her face or body. That was what I did wrong. I was using the same towel, hence, the rash on the face. I will recommend you go see her pediatrician if you try curing it at home and it doesn’t work.

They say experience is the best teacher,so I thought I should share my two cents.

Love, Whitney.



Relationships Just like many other things in life may workout very well or may not. One thing I however attest to, which plays a vital role in nurturing relationship is “communication”.

Here are some tip bits to know whilst building a relationship:

  • First, learn to always tell the truth. Being honest and transparent will take you far. Do not cover up or lie when you see something wrong with the other. let them know the truth.
  • Learn to support each other always. Be their cheerleader.
  • In marriages,learn to share chores.I know some men think its the woman who takes care of the house but trust me, the little things you will do around the house for the woman,is much appreciated.
  • Learn not to complain too much. If you have a problem, just say it. Don’t beat around the bush.
  • Learn to be an active listener.
  • Do not assume because your partner can not read your mind.Assumptions has destroyed a lot of relationships.
  • Do not brag about your successes.
  • It is ok to share your values and opinions but do not force it down their throat.
  • Learn to eliminate “I” and use “WE”.
  • Learn to read body language. I remember when I was young,my Grandmother will caution me with people I thought were nice. She is like, “don’t you see from their face they do not like you”. In a relationship, it could be the other isn’t in a good mood,angry or upset.By learning body language you will be able to detect when your partner gets upset before it escalates.
  • Give space when needed. Everyone needs a me time.

Love, Whitney


I’m back!!!


Hello my people!! Guess who is back? me!!!

First of all, I want to apologize for my M.I.A. (missing in action) What happened to me? I did not go anywhere but rather motherhood and career got me busy. It was a bit too much for me. First time mum and I got overwhelmed with everything. Still not perfect but getting better and learning every day.

We welcomed another baby girl in May so at the moment I am doing 2 under 2. A bit hectic but I am loving every bit of it. I will be sharing my journey with you all.

In order for me to be at my best in giving you the best, there is going to be some  changes on the site. One major change which I am excited about is video uploads on my blog! I will do my reviews in a video form. Sometimes, it is just better to show than write down. I am one of those people that understand things way better when you show me than tell me to follow directions.

I am really excited to be back. Let’s get the ball rolling!


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Life does not have to be complicated. These are some basic hacks that will simplify your life.

1. Do you have dry feet? Have you tried so many products to stop it from getting dry and chapping? Stop worrying! Rub your feet with Vaseline and wear socks. You can do this when you are going to bed.


2. Smelly armpit? You have probably heard a lot about the uses of lemon or lime but here is another one; before you take your shower, rub it under your arms, wait for 5 minutes and then take your shower. Try it a couple of times and you will notice the difference.


3. To avoid bumps when shaving, shave the direction your hair grows, not the opposite.

4. When was the last time you had a facial or lip scrub? All you need is two simple items and I bet you have these items in your kitchen.  Sugar, honey or olive oil. Make a paste by adding the olive oil or honey in the sugar. Which ever one you prefer. Take a generous amount and rub it all over your face. After scrubbing, wash it off with water then with your facial soap. For the lip, just wash it off with water.


5. This one is no secret but if you did not know, now you know. You can whiten your teeth at home. All you need is; baking soda and lemon. Mix several teaspoons of baking soda with enough fresh lemon(lemon juice)to make a paste. Put a good amount of paste onto your toothbrush and apply.  The baking soda and lemon are quite abrasive and can erode your enamel so do not leave it on for a long time. Make sure you rinse your mouth well.


6. It is a bummer when your favorite jewellery starts fading. One thing that I always do when I buy jewellery that is neither gold or silver, is to put clear nail polish on it. It makes it last longer.


7. This one is for my ladies. If you have a dried mascara, just put it in hot water and it will soften it up.

8. If you want your perfume to last, spray behind your ears, behind your knees, inside your wrist, inside your elbow and inside your clothes(chest area).

9. Tough stain? apply lemon juice on the stain before you wash it. If necessary, hand wash.

10. Back to lemon, use lemon to brighten your underarm, knuckles, elbow if they are dark. Scrub where you want. Some people leave it over night or you can also use it before taking your shower.

I hope you find these helpful. If you have other hacks, do share in the comment section.😊

Love, Tutu.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas



Happy Father’s day to all the Dads doing their best for their children.
There are so many things you can give to your Dad. I have narrowed it down to 10 choices. I hope it makes it easier for you to find something for your Dad.









1. Watch
2. Customized tshirt or a baseball cap
3. Tool box
4. Tie
5. Leather jacket
6. Sneakers
7. Sunglasses
8. Shirt
9. Leather wallet with his initials(include a picture of you in it. It can be when you were a baby. No matter what, you will always be his baby girl or boy)
10. Perfume



Recently, I went on a trip with my daughter and it was my first time travelling with an infant. I was a bit worried because, based on my travelling experience, I have noticed how some of the children behave. Let’s just say, It is not easy at all.
It was going to be the two of us, therefore,  I didn’t want to carry heavy hand luggage and diaper bag. I made sure I downsized  everything in my diaper bag(backpack) to make it easier and I was really glad I did. I was fortunate enough to get my hand luggage checked in for free. If you can get your hand luggage checked in for free, take advantage of it. Trust me, it makes life easier.
I decided to share my packing list with my fellow lovely mothers or fathers travelling with an infant.

1. Diapers
2. Changing pad
You can get disposable ones. It is really not hygienic to place them directly on the changing table. 
3. Vaseline
To prevent diaper rash.
4. Fruit puree( depending on what they are in to).
5. Mum mum biscuit
I was advised to give her something to chew on to prevent discomfort in the ear.
6. Sippy cup
She needs water, milk or juice for hydration.
7. Toys or pacifier cleaner
Babies tend to drop items and you can not always get up to go to the bathroom. This saves you time.
8. Hand sanitiser
9. Baby wipes
10. Favorite toy
11. Extra clothes/socks/bibs
You never know when an accident can occur. Mess up their clothes with food or poo. You have to be ready.
12. Plastic bag for diaper dispose
13. Tablet
Watch nursery rhymes to keep her occupied. It is not all the planes that have tv on board.
14. Feeding cloth
It is all about privacy.
15. Medicine
16. Blanket
To cover her when she sleeps or even when the plane is too cold.



Where is the time machine that will take me back to the first time I had Abby?I can not believe how time is flying. It still feels like yesterday when I brought her home, now she is the queen of the house. Got her fingers all wrapped around her dad.( Daddy’s Angel.)
I am going to combine 7&8 months together because, her growth is similar.

MOVEMENT: She is a fast crawler now. I mean before you get up from your seat, she is already ahead of you. She is now holding on to things to stand and walk. Trust me, the minute they get to this age, your house will never be the same. Whatever she sets her eyes on, best believe she is going for it. You want to see a baby dance?My baby loves to dance. Just play the record and you will get her bouncing with a smile on her face.

TEETHING: It is every breastfeeding mums fear when their teeth starts coming. You may ask, WHY? Expect to be bitten during feeding time. I have lost count. I used to say when the biting starts, that is when l will stop breastfeeding. Ahh, I am yet to stop. Anyway, not only does she have the bottom ones, she has her upper ones too! She is one of the lucky ones who does not have bad teething. She does get fussy here and there.

EATING: Honestly, I enjoy breastfeeding my baby. If it was not for the fact I have to return  to work and she has to go to daycare, I will feed her until she says; mum I have had enough. I will feed her until she turns two.  She enjoys her solid food and always want to eat what mama and papa is eating. Aside from me feeding her, I am encouraging her to eat on her own so I normally put
her fruits in a bowl for her to grab. I also give her, her sippy cup to drink by herself. I have noticed how picky she is with what she eats. Let us say, she has got good taste. A lot of veggies and fruits.

SLEEP PATTERN: When Abby started sleeping for long hours, I thought something was wrong. I will actually go and check if she was breathing or shake her to see if she will respond. Apparently, it comes with the age. She sleeps longer hours now. Gets her naps during the day. She still wakes up during the night to feed and goes straight back to sleep.

Abby is a talkative now. Responds when you call her name.She even waves back and says babaa( bye-bye). I am not happy with the fact she is saying DaDa, DaDi and not saying MaMa.
One thing that I need to work on is her clinging on to me. She is so used to me, going to someone else is a problem. I need to work on that.
Always remember, all babies are not the same so do not expect the same growth.
Love, Tutu.




We live in a society where we get pressured to do so many things. One thing we often forget is, when trouble comes our way, we are in it alone.

We compare ourselves to others and that brings unnecessary pressure on us.

Before you go ahead and envy anybody’s success in life,always remember, there was once a humble beginning.

You never saw the past struggles , you only see the end product that is beautiful or attractive.

If you ever try and you do not succeed, try again. Keep trying until you succeed. Some people are fortunate enough to get things handed over to them, yet they still fail. Unfortunately, majority of us are not that lucky. Does that mean we are not going to be successful? A big NO.

Life is not fair and that is a fact but because you are alive, you have the opportunity to turn things around.

Always remember, not everything that glitters is gold.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mothers day is around the corner and this year is my first time marking it as a mother. I am pretty excited about it. Believe me this is an experience every woman should want to experience (Be it biological or not).

I have put together ten gift ideas to help in buying a gift.

1. Necklace with the family’s birthstones.

2. If the mother still has an infant with her, backpack will be great. Something simple that is easily accessible.

3. Lingerie.

4. A gift card to the spa where she will get to be pampered from head to toe (massage,pedicure,manicure,facial).

5. If your wife or mother has shown interest in something she likes, buy it for her. Normally when we want something,we keep talking about it and that is our hint.

6. Personalized mothers day gift e.g, mug, picture frame.

7. Flowers.


8. Perfume.


9. Handbag.


10. Weekend getaway.