Hello everyone, hope the month May has been treating you all good.  I have been quite bothered about what I saw today and before I get to the topic, I just want to make this clear, I am not against anybody who smokes but what I am against is when a smoker smokes around a child. That is just totally wrong.

I decided to take a walk today because the weather was nice. On my way, I saw these couples smoking while walking with their kid, whom if I am right is about 2years old.  As an adult, I know the effects of second hand smoking so I stay away from where people are smoking but what does that poor child know? I honestly felt bad for that child because children are at higher risk of getting sick since their lungs are still developing and they turn to inhale more of the smoke because they breathe faster than adults. There are many side effects of second hand smoking and to think one will smoke around a child is just ridiculous.

Let me just take this opportunity to  clarify what  second hand smoking is and some of the side effects because clearly, it seems some people are still unaware of the side effects.

Second hand smoking is an environmental tobacco that is inhaled involuntary or passively by someone who is not smoking. The concentration of hydrogen cyanide (a poisonous gas that attacks respiratory enzymes) in tobacco smoke is considered toxic.


Some of the SHORT TERM SIDE EFFECTS of second hand smoking includes; eye irritation, headache, cough, sore throat, dizziness and nausea. Adults with asthma can also experience a significant decline in lung function when exposed second hand smoke. And also, just 30 minutes of exposure is enough to reduce blood flow to heart and the LONG TERM EFFECTS will be lung cancer, stroke, respiratory illness, heart disease.


Some of the SIDE EFFECTS  children suffer  are the sudden infant death syndrome (Typically the infant is found dead after having been put to bed, and exhibits no signs of having suffered),  increased rate of middle ear disorder, lower respiratory illness (croup, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and pneumonia) asthma and worsening of asthmatic symptoms, and reduced lung growth.

If you are a parent and you smoke around your child, obviously you do not love your child. Because, if you do, you will try not to harm him or her and also applies to adults who smoke around other children, you do not love them.

And to end it, some important facts; estimated about 46,000 deaths from heart disease is non- smokers who live with smokers and about 3,400 lung cancer death in non-smoking adult.

Hope this will enlighten people about the seriousness about second hand smoking.. Let us try to make this world a better place.

Peace and Love



One step.


It has been a while since I blogged and I apologize. I have been quite busy with work and still getting used to my  new surroundings. So far, I am  getting used to the cold here in Edmonton..When it is cold,it is really cold!!! I strictly followed the list my co workers gave me and it has really helped me. Some,I learned it the hard way but it is all good. Apparently,this winter has not been that cold compared to the other years. Maybe I brought the sunshine from Toronto or what do you think?

I hope the year is going great so far. New year,new opportunity to make things right or work towards your dream. Remember life is not a race..Do not compare yourself to others. Do not bring yourself down no matter what. Life is precious and you should cherish it and by cherishing it,you should love yourself and wish nothing but the best for yourself.

Nobody is going to love you as much as you love yourself..Never let others take you for granted because you are worth more. Always remember, you have to start from somewhere to get to where you want to be in life and it starts with that one step..





Nothing is ever promised tomorrow today..


The most painful thing on earth is when you finally let go of something that has been holding you back, or has been hindering you from giving people a chance and it get shattered again. Just when you finally decide to give this one a try only to find yourself back to where you started. This I must confess totally changes your perception about everything you see hence forth.

If  you do not give it a try,they say you will not know the outcome. But then again,if you give it a try and you fail,it takes you back to that point in life where you were at first;feeling all broken physically and emotionally. You become so protective and build a wall around you making it so hard to allow people to breakthrough. I have come to realize that as much as we all wish well for ourselves, we are always not going to get things the way we want . We will win in some battles and others, we just have to let  go. There is nothing wrong letting that one go,because if it was meant to be,it would have been successful.

These people were put in our lives or these things happen for a reason. You should not let it crash you but rather make you better and stronger. If one door closes another will open or this will even push you out of your comfort zone. The worst is when you do not get the chance to try again..Life is precious and you have it so brush off the hurt  and keep moving forward. Do not let anything or anyone bring you down. Keep believing that one day it is going to be your turn….



Sorry for not being active for a while now. Work has been keeping me on my feet,so I have not had time to blog. I hope everybody is doing great. Fall is here and its not that bad,what I am dreading is winter in Edmonton. Its going to be my first winter here and I have heard some not so good news about it. I moved from Toronto to Edmonton and compared to the stories I have heard,winter in GTA was not bad at all.   I am just praying that it is not as bad as they make it seem because honestly, if I can not stand it, I am seriously moving back to GTA. I had my colleagues write me the list of things I need in order to survive. Nothing special,just the same things you need to survive a winter..

This is the list..

  • Winter Coat (Parka) or Canada goose jacket
  • Snow pants
  • Long Johns
  • Scarf
  • Mitten and gloves
  • Hat(toque)
  • Mini heat-packs(to put in gloves)
  • Flannel/fleece Pj pants
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Uggs
  • Thermos&mug(travel)
As I said,nothing special,just the same right now,am just waiting for the almighty Edmonton winter to happen. I am really loving moccasins this fall because it is very comfy and warm.   
That is all for now, lovelies.



What is sex? Sex can be described in so many ways..It is a subject that people often shy away from and it also an action that people can not do without. Sex does not have a particular time connected to it because it is an individual thing. What bothers me is the fact that some people connect sex with love. I have come across a lot of situations where some people think sex is love..I know majority of us know that isn’t true. One thing I want to make clear is, SEX is not LOVE so do not be fooled or get it twisted. You will be surprised to know how many people out there still get deceived that sex is love and because of this, they have sex to show their love.

Although sex in a loving relationship is very beautiful, many think it is the attraction they have for each other that makes them consider having sex. “Derived from the natural sexual drive of the sexes for the purpose of procreation come the idea, in the minds of some, that sexual intercourse is “making love” . it is an individual thing so go according to what you think but don’t allow yourself to be deceived that sex  is love.

If people were to fall in love because of sex,what will happen when the excitement of sex fade?  Love will fade away.

Woman to Woman


Sometimes we ladies like to decieve ourselves. We may fall prey to being easy targets but it is all good. That doesn’t make you different because once in a while, everybody goes through that in life. But during all this, the best way is to wise up and face the truth. We still have some women out there attacking other women the moment they find out their rivals. Let us face reality here, for all you may know, the other lady doesn’t even know you exist or probably heard a different story entirely. Just like you are vulnerable to believe everything that your man tells you, that is the same situation the other woman is in. She is also falling prey to the words of the same man. Of course, there are certain ladies that wouldn’t care whether the man has someone or not but it surely doesnt justify you from attacking or starting a fight with the other lady. Be the bigger person and respect yourself.  I know how it feels when you hear about your man with another lady. The first thing you want to do is attack the lady but let’s be real here, it takes two to tango and definitely your man has the power to say no. You can force a horse to the river but you can not force it to drink water if it does not want to.  So you can rant, fight the lady all you want but if she doesn’t want to leave, she ain’t gonna move an inch. Instead of wasting your time and energy there are a whole lot of things you can do to save your relationship.

  • Re assess yourself and see if maybe you are to be blamed and then try to make changes in your life. If it means seeking helping from a third party, go ahead but make sure you chose the right person because some people will just give you bad advice.
  • Seek the help of God or whoever you believe in.  I believe in prayers and prayer is the key to communicate with God. There is nothing too hard for him to do. Just bare in mind, God’s time is the best so do not expect to get answers within a day:-). Just believe and have faith.
  • Try talking to the other woman.  Meet somewhere and talk things over. Be a lady and let the other lady know how you’re feeling. There is no shame in this game because you want to save your relationship. If she has a conscience, she will surely leave your man alone. Do not forget, she is also probably in love with the guy so it depends on how she will take it
  • Try talking to your man. Do not start a war here as well. If he loves you, he will change and if he doesn’t, the ball is in your court.

Whether you want to stay with him or not, remember, you can never change a man. He will change when he is willing to.  But never stoop so low to fight another woman because of a man.. Remember, once a cheater always a cheater; it may be best ladies to keep your pride and let him keep his regrets.

There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman!

– Tutu



“The truth about willpower”

Willpower is that thing we are always in battle with. On a scale of 1 to 10 what will you rate your willpower?  My willpower will probably be a 6. Based on the fact that when I put my mind to achieve something, I achieve it but along the way I get distracted. I get distracted a lot especially when it comes to food and well, men. I go all the way if I am very focused on what I want to achieve. It is hard for me to let go my willpower because I tend to look at what I have to deal with as a negative thing. Therefore, the zeal to overcome that negative thing gives me the strongest willpower to go all the way. I have gone through a couple of situations that I have actually been good with my willpower. If I did not have that strong willpower, I feel I would not have succeeded. Yours will probably be different.

Everybody has a challenge in their lives that definitely requires willpower to overcome. The most challenging one in a lot of people’s life at the moment is the willpower to say no to junk food. As much as we all want to say NO to it, you tend too see yourself getting caught up in it. The fact that it taste good, quick to get, and also your friends love it is not helping matters. I personally always fall short when I am with my friends.

“Willpower is like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets,” Dr. Martin Ginis said. “Try to resist having that extra piece of cake.” Some of the ways you can begin to strengthen your willpower muscle is by:

  • Always have your own food with you whenever you go to work or school in order for not to be tempted and go to a fast food.
  • Stay away from fast foods.
  • Have snacks with you all the time so that you can munch on when you crave for junk food.
  • Exercise more often to be in shape.
  • Have friends that are very determined in life to push you when you need encouragement.
  • Anticipate and plan for your times of low self-control by regularly challenging yourself to tasks that test your self-control.
  • Have a positive attitude towards everything.
  • Visualize success even when it seems all is not well.



You are not the only one…


We all have our ups and downs in life but, some-days  it just hits you hard. During these days,you wonder if anything good will ever happen to you due to what you have been experiencing in life. I want to assure you that you are not the only one who goes through such things in life. Everybody has their own challenges in life. It does not matter whether they are rich or poor,famous or not.Yours will not be the same as the theirs but that does not mean yours can not be solved. As long as you have life,nothing is impossible. Depending on your religion, turn to your God and ask for his help. Yes,sometimes it seems as if God is not hearing your prayers and you begin to doubt him. Before you start,examine yourself if you have been faithful for him.Maybe there is something you are doing that is hindering your blessings and not allowing you to tap into your glory. Rome was not built in a day so do not give up. They say experience is the best teacher;I have had my own share of the world hates me,nothing I do goes right,I hate my life but honestly,while I sat down crying and lamenting,nothing happened to me. I did not get the change I wanted. The only thing that crying will do for you is make you feel good and clear the dirt from your eyes.

Remember two good heads are better than one so seek help from people. Do not shy away to ask for help. Do not just ask help from random people. Ask help from people you trust. In my case,I had my cousin and friend talk to me. They really helped me to get out of that mentality I had. I even found out that,what I thought was a problem,was peanut compared to other peoples problem and these where people I have always looked up to but they over came it. Ofcourse i knew people had challenges in their life but i thought mine was worst. Life is short to indulge yourself in self pity. Nobody promised us that life was going to be easy or we were going to have a smooth road through out. Please,always know these things you go through now,will surely pass and only you can help yourself or fight your battles. Finding ourselves takes time,it is hard work but it is worth it and life is a book and you are its author,you determine its plots and pace and only you turn it pages.

Don’t wait.


Do not wait for love to come to you

Do not wait for happiness to come to you

Do not wait for opportunities to knock at Your door

Do not wait for anything or something that will better your life

Go after what you need

But do not go after things that will not bring any meaning to your life

That is a waste of time

Do not expect things to come to you

Grab every opportunity that comes your way

And make the best out of it.

Always be ready when opportunity comes

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm