Don’t wait.

Do not wait for love to come to you

Do not wait for happiness to come to you

Do not wait for opportunities to knock at Your door

Do not wait for anything or something that will better your life

Go after what you need

But do not go after things that will not bring any meaning to your life

That is a waste of time

Do not expect things to come to you

Grab every opportunity that comes your way

And make the best out of it.

Always be ready when opportunity comes

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm


Dry Skin

Dry skin can be very irritating. It itches and  never a pleasant sight.. I know winter is over but some people are still suffering from dry skin. It is summer and I believe you will like to show some skin. Eucerin is very good for dry skin. I have actually used one before and it worked like magic. You can get it in Wal mart, Shoppers drug mart and other stores..It is affordable and they have different types. I hope this helps.