The first time I breastfed my first daughter was a struggle. It was not as easy as I thought it would be. Breastfeeding didn’t come naturally for me but thank God for the home nurses that helped me.  It can be frustrating and painful but the most beautiful thing.

If you plan on breastfeeding your baby, these essentials are helpful.

  • Nursing pillow

  • Nursing pads

  • Nursing bra(day and night)

  • Nipple cream

  • Burp cloth

  • Breast pump(electric or manual)

breast pump  

  • Breastmilk storage bag

  • Nipple shield

  • Bottle warmer





Recently I am all about minimalist approach when it comes to my girls and other things. Literally, I am done with packing the whole house when I am going out with the girls. I remember when I first had Abby, my diaper bag was huge. I will pack a whole lot and truth be told, I didn’t really need all the junk I did pack.
This time around, I know better and one improvement I can testify about is my packing skills.I go out with what I need and also depending on where I am going is how I pack the items. At the moment I am using a Zara office city bag as my diaper bag. I got this bag for the office but it has been converted into a diaper bag. The reason why I love this bag is the compartments and the size. Let’s take a look at what’s in my diaper bag…

IMG_0671 (3)_LI


I like to pack snacks for my toddler and carry an extra bottle of milk(either breast milk or formular) for the baby. At the end of the day, it depends on where we are going with the baby. Sometimes, I just end up breast feeding her instead of bottle feeding. I always take a sippy cup for my toddler because she is always thirsty. Also, she hasn’t  mastered  using the cup so I prefer to pour all her drinks in the sippy cup.




In the bigger compartment, I have hair brush in case of messy hair, scented diaper trash bags, nail clipper, hand sanitizer, pacifier, tylenol, band aid, rattle and the nursing cover. I also use the nursing cover to shield her in the car seat.

What I have in the gray bag: change of clothes for the girls, drool bip and burp cloth.  I  pack the clothes according to the weather as well.


The third compartment is where I keep the diapers(I pack 2 diapers for each child), changing pad(washable), baby wipes and Vaseline.

The reason why I did not add any of my items in the diaper bag is beacause, I use a small crossbody bag for my wallet, keys and makeup bag. It is easier and faster for me whenever I want to take out my wallet.

These are the things I always bring with me in the diaper bag.  What do you keep in your diaper bag that you can’t live without? Thank you for reading.

Love, Whitney



Time and tide surely does not wait for anyone. Half a year already!!! I am enjoying every second with her and I refuse to complain.

Her two pearly white teeth below is so outstanding. When she smiles or laugh, you can see it. Talking about smiles and laugh, she has been doing a lot of that. And oh, not forgetting them tears to get mummy and daddy’s attention.  She has been doing a lot of baby talks too and likes to sing along when watching her baby rhymes videos. 

She is still trying to crawl but we have mastered moving around smoothly with our padded bum. She is an expect in rolling now. I can not leave her for a minute because she will roll over. With her rolling and bum movement, we do not know where she will get to. Hence, we have been baby proofing our home. Making sure there isn’t anything to hurt my girl. Baby proofing does not guarantee you 100% safety and that is why you always have to keep an eye on them. Prevention is better than cure.

Since my maternity leave is coming to an end, I have started trying to train her to get used to others. Therefore, I have been taking her to nursery for 2hours but guess what? Missy right here gets bored easily then starts crying. I am not giving up because I know she can do it. she does not have a problem with people taking her or whatsoever, the catch is, as long as mummy or daddy is around. 

Her feeding pattern is the same but she eats a bit more. Every week I say to her; “I am going to stop breastfeeding you the following week so you better enjoy this now ” Next week is yet to come. She probably thinks I am joke by now.

Sleep pattern has not changed. Still wakes up every 3 to 4 hours to feed. Sometimes, I get lucky and she just dozes for a long time.

Every child maturity differs. Do not compare your child to another.



It all seems like yesterday when I brought my little Angel home, Clueless on so many things about babies but I knew I will do just fine. I am thankful for God’s guidance, people who were there for me and the internet. It has definitely not been all rosy but I have learnt not to complain. All the sleepless nights,all the mama going crazy and body changes etc is all worth it.Time waits for no one so I am enjoying every minute of the time with the little one.The older she becomes the more easier it is for me.

5 Months update: As I said,the older she becomes, the better  and more comfortable things get for me . This was a big month for us because she started her solid! I was so excited when her Doctor gave us the green light to feed her solids. I  have always wanted to see what her reaction will be like on her first solid food so I couldn’t wait to feed her. We were given the go ahead when she was around 4 months but I waited till she turned 5 months. The mistake I made was to give her fruits first which I heard is a N0! No! but fortunately for me,when I gave her veggies, she loved it anyways.

We experienced our first constipation because of the solid and boy O boy! that was something I don’t want to see her go through again.Even adults find it  very uncomfortable much less a baby. I thought because I was still breastfeeding her,it was OK not to give her water but I guess that was not enough. I read on one of those baby webs to mix water with apple juice or pear juice. I am not going to lie, that worked liked magic and I was so happy.  It was just the happiest day of my life.

Daily routine: The minute she wakes up,she wants milk. She does not joke with it at all. Basically,that is her booster for the day. I give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar then at 9:30am, I give her either cereal or fruit puree. I do my best to feed her every 3 to 4 hours. Her last solid is normally at 6pm so any feeding from then is breast milk because it’s light.  When we are going out, I take her formula along but 70% guaranteed,I end up breastfeeding her. Her sleeping pattern keeps evolving. We have not established a specific time. Some week she sleeps early ,others late. I am not going to force her and give her a specific time to sleep. She is normally asleep before 10pm anyways.

It was joyous  when my baby said her first word, She is going to be a talkative! She has been doing a lot of baby talking,grabbing and she is sitting well now. Very active at this age, hence,we have been having a lot of fun together. She started teething and unfortunately,she had her first cold and cough during this period. All in one batch you can imagine how poorly my baby was. She never liked her her teething tools so she was always putting her finger in her mouth or biting on mummy and daddy. My saviors during this period was Oral gel,Shea butter,saline drops,baby rub and vicks humidifier.

One piece of advice, every baby is different so please do not compare your baby to another.

Love Tutu…