Life does not have to be complicated. These are some basic hacks that will simplify your life.

1. Do you have dry feet? Have you tried so many products to stop it from getting dry and chapping? Stop worrying! Rub your feet with Vaseline and wear socks. You can do this when you are going to bed.


2. Smelly armpit? You have probably heard a lot about the uses of lemon or lime but here is another one; before you take your shower, rub it under your arms, wait for 5 minutes and then take your shower. Try it a couple of times and you will notice the difference.


3. To avoid bumps when shaving, shave the direction your hair grows, not the opposite.

4. When was the last time you had a facial or lip scrub? All you need is two simple items and I bet you have these items in your kitchen.  Sugar, honey or olive oil. Make a paste by adding the olive oil or honey in the sugar. Which ever one you prefer. Take a generous amount and rub it all over your face. After scrubbing, wash it off with water then with your facial soap. For the lip, just wash it off with water.


5. This one is no secret but if you did not know, now you know. You can whiten your teeth at home. All you need is; baking soda and lemon. Mix several teaspoons of baking soda with enough fresh lemon(lemon juice)to make a paste. Put a good amount of paste onto your toothbrush and apply.  The baking soda and lemon are quite abrasive and can erode your enamel so do not leave it on for a long time. Make sure you rinse your mouth well.


6. It is a bummer when your favorite jewellery starts fading. One thing that I always do when I buy jewellery that is neither gold or silver, is to put clear nail polish on it. It makes it last longer.


7. This one is for my ladies. If you have a dried mascara, just put it in hot water and it will soften it up.

8. If you want your perfume to last, spray behind your ears, behind your knees, inside your wrist, inside your elbow and inside your clothes(chest area).

9. Tough stain? apply lemon juice on the stain before you wash it. If necessary, hand wash.

10. Back to lemon, use lemon to brighten your underarm, knuckles, elbow if they are dark. Scrub where you want. Some people leave it over night or you can also use it before taking your shower.

I hope you find these helpful. If you have other hacks, do share in the comment section.😊

Love, Tutu.





We live in a society where we get pressured to do so many things. One thing we often forget is, when trouble comes our way, we are in it alone.

We compare ourselves to others and that brings unnecessary pressure on us.

Before you go ahead and envy anybody’s success in life,always remember, there was once a humble beginning.

You never saw the past struggles , you only see the end product that is beautiful or attractive.

If you ever try and you do not succeed, try again. Keep trying until you succeed. Some people are fortunate enough to get things handed over to them, yet they still fail. Unfortunately, majority of us are not that lucky. Does that mean we are not going to be successful? A big NO.

Life is not fair and that is a fact but because you are alive, you have the opportunity to turn things around.

Always remember, not everything that glitters is gold.


Rejected Stone


Certain people often are looked down by family members, friends and society and are never seriously taken for anything. just as the scriptural emphasis” can anything good come out of Nazareth?”  They never expect any good thing to come  from them. Most often they are looked down upon. It all comes down to you not being who they expect you to be. When I say rejected, It doesn’t necessarily mean people not talking to you or ignoring you,but the fact that they don’t believe in you. You don’t act in a manner they want, you don’t tackle things In a manner they want, you are not aggressive enough and the list goes on.

I know a lot of people can relate to what I’m talking about. You however have one of two choices to make, either accept this wrong notion  from them  or you prove them wrong. One major lesson I have learnt in life is that you can never please everybody.Therefore you have to do you! Honestly, it is quite sweet when you turn out to be that rejected stone the builders use to secure their building.

If you happen to be a rejected stone too, don’t let it get to you. Do not wallow in self pity or compare yourself to others or give these people the opportunity to win. Don’t let that negative vibe get to you. Have this at the back of your mind that Whatever hurtful words is being said to you knowingly or unknowingly, doesn’t define who you are. You can tackle things differently and at the end of it all, be successful.

How sweet it is when nobody is watching or expecting anything from you then boom!!! You surprise them. Trust me, people who doubted you will suddenly become friends. It’s never how fast you get to your destination, it’s getting there that matters.

We are all different and can never be the same and that is what makes us unique. Therefore, it’s normal to be different and that makes you, you.

Don’t stop believing in yourself. When you stop, you lose the fight. When it’s getting too much for you to cope, separate yourself from any negative vibe.

Don’t play god. 


Growing up, I had my life all planned out on how I wanted things to unfold, for some reasons, I thought it will all play out perfectly. I grew up with my grandma. I didn’t have the traditional family where you have your parents and that was something I always longed for but one thing I am so grateful for, is my grandma. I couldn’t have asked for better guardian. 

Because of this, I was hoping that all other things should fall in place. I was my own god in my own world. But guess what?, it didn’t all go to my expectation because I was no god.

Everything and I mean everything I dream of ended up in the shallow bins. It was hard for me to believe or understand   what was going on. I looked at others and they had it all. They seemed to have all their wishes granted, and dreams come true.  Why couldn’t I just be as lucky as them? What was wrong with me? Time and time I wondered.

As I grew older and became closer to God, I realized how wrong I was, thinking the power to desire and make life decisions was all to my exclusive. Wisdom has revealed to me that as a child of God, He had it all planned for me and if I had been patient, it would have been perfect. I was busy planning my life when I should have been asking God for directions. I surrendered it all to God then everything started making sense.

After all I wasn’t unfortunate, those things didn’t happen because they weren’t ripe in the will  and wishes of God for my life.

I know there are some young Ladies/Gentlemen out there who are going through same difficulties as I did. I want to assure you that, it does get better with time. Stop playing your own god and surrender it to God. Stop being choosy,Stop judging a book by its cover,humble yourself,believe in yourself,be positive. Whatever religion you are in, I believe the God we worship wishes us nothing but the best. Don’t give up. It’s never about who finished first, it’s getting there that matters and just because you are not there yet, means you are a failure. I testify to that.